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Frederiksted has the largest beaches of the entire island featuring The Pier, several patches of reef near shore, a couple pockets of sea-grass (turtle food!), and you can do this all from shore!  If the boat has space, we might have a seat for you to join, and of course the boats are available for snorkel charters.


Rent or buy your masks, fins, snorkels and camera at N2theBlue scuba shop in Frederiksted (100 steps from the cruise ship Pier).  Take a look on Facebook to see what we've been finding this week.



Want us to show you around and point out the different creatures?  Want someone there for a little extra security?  We have guides available for you.  If you're going to be here for a day or a week, its always a great idea to hire the extra hand on day one and get you set to explore on your own the rest of your trip.  We know where to go and the homes and names of most everything nearby.  We're here for you, your safety, and your enjoyment.


Where to go:

Come snorkel The Pier or a couple of the nearby beaches at SandCastles, Cottages, Freedom City, and Coconuts.  The Pier is known one of the 7 Jewels of the Caribbean for scuba diving, and that’s exactly the reason to snorkel it, too!  Known for its pillars stretching into the light, corals, sponges, and a dazzling array of colors – a host of wildlife finds sanctuary in this gothic hallway.  If you stop for a moment and listen to the nearby bell tower mark the hour you dive in, you may think you are floating among the isles and stained glass cathedrals of Europe.


If you’re lucky, you may see a seahorse or two, or maybe the rare frogfish!  Turtles are known to favor a few spots next to The Pier and breeding season is in the winter (read: baby turtles hatching around September!).  The Pier is home to turtles, seahorses, several species of eels, spiny lobsters and the whole catalogue of Caribbean fish.

Be careful not to touch the pillars or the reef.  A simple finger pushing off the pillars can kill the corals & sponges.  There are also sharp barnacles, a few spiky sea urchin, fire coral, and bearded fireworms (they look like caterpillars).  While not poisonous, these can all ruin a vacation and sting quite a bit and leave a mark for days (like having a lot of mosquito bites).  Remember: touching a turtle is a large fine (they are endangered).

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Open everyday between 8:30am & 4:30pm Atlantic time
one hour past East Coast during winter
(excluding Christmas, New Years, and Carnival Day)

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