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Welcome to N2theBlue.


People make things great and one of the best parts of diving in the Caribbean is most everyone here is on vacation having the time of their life!  With that freedom, people want to experience something they will remember for the rest of their life -- to escape and explore something completely new.  Scuba diving is exactly that.

Founded in 2002, specializing in boutique, private/semi-private, small group diving, our staff has been with us for years, and you -- our guests -- are welcome into the waters like family.  Many of our guests have been diving with us for years returning again and again for the experience, service, and joy of diving St. Croix.


We limit our boats to no more than six guests.  This makes us different than most other dive operators who take 15-30 divers at once.  We enjoy the dives and seeing life that comes with small groups.  N2theBlue dives more sites on the West end than any other shop AND we have a second location at the Salt River Marina servicing the Wall dives and the Canyon.


Call us at 340-772-3483 to book now, or to get rates, multi-day passes, or just to learn more. 


Sean Arnold

Sean Arnold grew up on the beaches of Southern California and developed a love for the water at a very young age.  He was a 2 time All American swimmer and played water polo.  While vacationing in Hawaii he "discovered SCUBA".  After attending college at the University of Wyoming he returned to Southern California and took a position at Sport Chalet, one of the largest diving retailers in the US.  Sean completed his diver training and advanced from instructor to PADI IDC Staff while managing the dive department.  In 2009 he was offered a dive instructor position in Curaçao and began his adventures in the Caribbean which eventually took him to St. Thomas and now St. Croix. Sean is a US Coast Guard licensed Captain and master of all things wet and loves to share his passion for the world underwater with the guests of N2theBlue.



Kirk G. Thompson

Kirk's 1st breath underwater was in Belize while on vacation.  Little did he know that decision would eventually change his life into its greatest joy.  Like most young people starting off, it takes a while to find something to truly love and to which to dedicate the rest of one’s life.  Five generations of Wisconsin's winters brought a solid work ethic; University in both Germany and Arizona brought awareness; and years of corporate life brought focus from working at various headquarters from US Dept. of State in Washington DC to California companies: The North Face, PADI, and Western Digital.  Eventually, it was that 1st breath underwater that brought him back to living life to its fullest and he found love in the business of scuba diving. 



Kiersten Fidao

Kiersten was raised in the mountains of Colorado and left the life of training horses to follow her passion and love of the sea.  She became an instructor in 2009 serving in both the Caribbean as well as Hawaii.  Kiersten is currently both a Master Captain and a PADI MSDT (Master Scuba Diver Trainer).




Jenny Keith
Jennifer and her husband Paul moved to St. Croix from Florida.  She has a long history of working in the dive industry.  Jenny's experience as a Divemaster on Florida charter boats makes her a great dive guide.  She has been our primary dive instructor since 2009, and ready to teach you all she knows.  Jenny is also an award winning professional underwater photographer who has years of experience with many different cameras and housings.  You can see her work on N2theBlue's Facebook, at N2theBlue in Frederiksted, Polly's at the Pier Cafe', and online at her site:



Steve Medford

Captain Steve is one of our captains who also is certified in Mares repair. He moved to St. Croix from Frisco, Texas.  His former career involved trading jet fuel, but has been with N2 The Blue now since 2009.  Steve immediately completed his Divemaster rating, and then finished his training to be a licensed boat captain. Steve has now been able to upgrade his license to a masters 50 ton.




Paul Silnes

Paul started off visiting the island.  He did his Divemaster certification with us during his second visit, and decided it was time for a change.  In 2011, he finally made the move from Chicago to St. Croix and has been ready to dive for us ever since.




Paul Vrabcak

Paul Vrabcak is a captain and Divemaster with N2theBlue.  Also -- Paul is the man with the greatest knowledge of St. Croix's underwater archeology.  Ask him about the various plateware/china, bottles, clay pipes, history of wrecks, and be prepared to be amazed.  He moved here with Jenny Keith and has dived The Pier probably more than anyone else.




Staff over the years:

Derek Hill

Anne Hill

Haley Hendrickson

Tim Blanchette


Divemasters trained:

Justin Smith




Boat: N2theBlue

An Apex Panga at 26'7" has a great side access for sitting down and rolling right into the water.  It is like concierge service: you sit down and get your fins in the water while the Captain slips your tank and BCD on like a custom fit suit/jacket.  Adjust your mask and roll right into the water. 

This is the way diving is supposed to be.  Enjoy! 


Boat: Chasin’ Mason

N2theBlue's boat "Chasin' Mason" is a 26 foot MayCraft with a swim platform off the back makes for easy access to the water.  She's a beautiful boat and the long swim deck makes all the difference.


Deco the Dog

Deco the pure breed coconut retriever and lil' puppy that watches the shop.  She's just a little girl and loves her coconuts and naps.


Peek-a-Boo Turtle (at the Pier)

Peek-a-Boo is named so because sometimes you see her, sometimes you don't.  She has a few fellow turtles that hang around, but we know this little girl anywhere. 
One of her friends that visits is another lil' turtle that is has two barnacles on her shell. She has been hanging out for a while now and might get her own name soon.  Probably Lazy Sue because she is WAY too small to have two barnacles already! 


Dino the Eel

Dino (sometimes known as Harvey) is the resident green moray that can often times be seen on The Pier.  Dino has been there for YEARS and is a beautiful old moray.  Quite the fluffy girl at nearly 6-7 feet long.  There's the younger, lil cousin named Esmeralda that is about 4 feet long that is also seen around The Pier.
I love looking at these two and their goofy expressions. 


Seahorse Lil’ Stallion

Our newest baby seahorse!  As of May 2014 lil' Stallion is about 5/8th of an inch long (the size of your thumbnail!).


Barry Barracuda

Barry is the ol' man of The Pier.  He likes to stay in the shade around the first two or three pylons.  Divers see him quite often as he enjoys watching shiny bubbles.



Three pods (large family groups) claim St. Croix as home. They come to visit us once in a while and it is a very special experience when they do.  I wish they'd come by more often so that we could name them!

Quite often throughout the day they will be just off shore, bouncing and rolling along through the water.  Keep your eyes about a 50 yards off shore and you might see them.


Whales (February-March visitors)

Humpback whales are calving in our area mid-February and early March.  Whale song can be heard for miles and is heard most days of this period.  They do range from St. Croix to St. Thomas and Tortola, so listen in and you may just hear a mother and her calf.



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