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St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

St. Croix is nicknamed Twin City Island because of the two largest towns on each end of the island:

  • Christiansted in the northeast, is the larger town with more shopping but no beaches. A few years older than Frederiksted, this is a shallow port with a natural barrier reef protecting the port. This protection was important for the first European settlements; however, commerce eventually required deeper ports for loading more sugar and good for trade. This lead to the development of the planned city of Frederiksted.
  • Frederiksted in the west is the smaller, quieter town and is also the cruise ship port of entry on the famous scuba diving site of the Frederiksted Pier (a naturally deep port), protected from the winds in the lee, and home to the islands largest beaches.  Victorian era buildings make this town stand out.  Be sure to explore every hidden courtyard and alley, esp. on cruise ship day!

St. Croix is the largest of the islands in the territory, being 28 by 7 miles (45 by 11 km). The island is very different from her sister islands of St. Thomas and St. John. St. Thomas is known for cruise ships, shopping, and a busy night-life. St. John is over 70% a national park and is therefore sparsely populated. St. Croix is the largest island but smaller population than the other two islands combined. St. Croix is a quieter island with about a dozen cruise ships in the peak month of January and 0-2 cruise ships per month from June–October. This quiet makes St. Croix a premium destination for quiet vacationing and beautiful scuba diving. Moreover, St. Croix is a continental upthrust, therefore has limestone and clay as part of a continental plate. St. Thomas and St. John are part of the old volcanic ring of island chain from the Caribbean Plate being subducted under the Atlantic.


Calendar of Events are easily accessible from a locally printed magazine and a variety of online resources.

  • Printed Magazine: St. Croix This Week — printed magazine available online and found in print, free, island-wide
  1. Website of events: St. Croix Calendar — most used for immediate events, including Crab Races
  2. Website of events: GoTo St. Croix — includes local places for yoga, dancing
  3. Website of events: St. Croix Explorer
  4. Website of events: Visit USVI — out of date as of 2015. Still shows 2014 events.
  5. Website of things-to-do: St Croix


Scuba Diving in Frederiksted is ideal and rated one of the top ten best dive sites in the Virgin Islands. Calm waters and shore entry make this side of the island a destination for scuba with warm waters and more dive sites than most of the island combined, featuring the Pier, wrecks, reef, seahorses, and underwater archaeology. The Pier in Frederiksted is considered the best night dive in the Caribbean. The Frederiksted Pier is a world-class destination for scuba, snorkelling, and just plain jumping off to climb up and jump again. Scuba on the Frederiksted Pier is a shallow dive, ideal for trying scuba the first time course PADI Discover Scuba Diving (aka: Resort Diving), for extended shore diving, Night diving, and especially for Underwater photography — rated one of the best dives in the territory.

Snorkeling featuring The Pier, several patches of reef near shore, a couple pockets of sea-grass (turtle food!), and you can do this all from shore!  If the boat has space, we might have a seat for you to join.  N2theBlue has snorkel gear you can rent for 24 hours (or multiple days), too. Buck Island Charter is a popular tour, as well as Capt Carl and Heintz' trimiran snorkel/sails to Buck Island.

VideoBuck Island National Monument & Sanctuary50th year Park Anniversary video (2014)

Beaches are a must when visiting St. Croix:

  • West / Frederiksted: Calm waters and the largest beaches on the island. Frederiksted has the largest beaches of the entire island and has the calmest waters because it is in the wind protected lee/shadow of the island.  The beach in front of historic Fort Frederik is the most accessable and directly off the Cruise Ship Pier.
    • Sandy Point: National Park and last scene from Shawshank Redemption is a turtle sanctuary and closed from April through November.
    • Dorsh Beach: a mile south of Frederiksted, home to Cotteges-by-the-Sea and Sandcastle resorts.  Nice beaches but recent years have a hard coral structure (like rock) as a shelf protecting the beach.
    • Frederiksted Beach: directly off the cruise ship pier, large, great sand, and directly connected to Freedom City Surf Shop for burgers and stand-up-paddle-boarding.
    • Coconuts Beach: just past Frederiksted beach, home to Coconuts Beach Bar.  Say Hi to Grace!
    • Rainbow Beach: is 1 mile (15-20 minute walk) north of town and destination central for activites -- vollyball, jet ski, fly-board, lounging, Music, and a bar-scene to make your life a happy place. Ask about the snorkel trail!
    • Hidden Beach to Sprat: RAW, unspoiled beach.  Nothing here but you and water.
    • Butler Bay:
    • Monks Bath:
  • North Shore: usually larger waves on the North Shore (Carambola Resort, Cane Bay),
  • NorthEast Shore (Shoy, Cheney)
  • East (Divi)
  • South Central (Haypenny)

Live Music most weekend nights: Blue Moon, The Pink Spot, Terres Veho/Freedom City Surfshop, Rhythms at Rainbow Beach Sunset Jazz is featured nearly every month on the third Friday of the month from 5:30-7:30pm. Admission is free as this is a community sponsored event featuring food and drinks.

Paddleboarding is very popular with the calm waters on the Frederiksted side of the island. Weekly events for night boarding and general competitions are hosted by Freedom City Surf Shop, as well as the internationally recognized Coconut Cup.

Jetskiing and Flyboarding are one mile north of Frederiksted town (about 15-20 minute walk) at WestEnd Water Sports on Rainbow Beach. The local bar (Rhythms at Rainbow Beach) has award winning bar tenders (espcially the Painkiller (cocktail)) and is host to Reef Jam, an event encouraging marine conservation and stewardship through community education and outreach.

Wilderness Tours are available by bicycle, horseback,[PJ][CC] hiking and ATV.

History and Walking Tours Crucian Heritage and Nature Tourism (CHANT), St. Croix Landmarks Society, Whim Plantation

Night Kayaking in Salt River is a delight.

Bowling is mid-island.

Miniature Golf is on the far east near Divi Hotel and Casino.

Sailing and are availablecheck out TripAdvisor.


Wow, there's a lot to try.  Street food, salt fish pate (like an empanada), johnny cakes (similar to Indian fry-bread), roti, bush tea, and local flavored drinks.

  • West / Frederiksted:  directly off the Cruise Ship Pier.
    • Pier 69—BBQ, meatloaf, & most excellent burgers hidden in the courtyard behind N2theBlue
    • Rose's Dream Cuisine—west-indian island food at its finest, butter conch, curry, and love
    • Uca's Kitchen—Rastafarian/Vegetarian food and culture in the parkplace in front of N2theBlue
    • Lost Dog and Pub—evenings and nightlife in Frederiksted.  Best pizza on island.
    • SandCastles—dining on the beach in the evening and Sunday brunch spot
    • Terres Veho—Freedom City Surf Shop's burgers, tacos, rice bowls, and more.  Full Moon parties every month.
    • Coconuts—owner Grace makes this spot your hidden beach party + Texas BBQ on Sundayss
    • Rhythms at Rainbow Beachfresh fish sandwiches, burgers, drinks, volley ball, jet skis, and the best pain-killer on island.
  • Rainforest:
  • North Shore:: (Carambola Resort, Cane Bay)
  • NorthEast Shore: (Shoy, Cheney)
  • East: (Divi)
  • South Central (Haypenny)



Cruzan Rum

Diagio Rum Factory


Pain Killer


Bushwackera tropical version of a mudslide (coffee and chocolate flavors))

...and fine rum to sip like a scotch.

Other Points of Interest

Frederiksted maintains its original seven street by seven street city design and is host to several historic structures. Among them are St. Patrick's Catholic Church built in the 1840s and its primary school, the Customs House, the 19th Century Apothecary, and many other buildings; some which due to hurricanes past have fallen into ruins.

  • Jump Upfour times a year, Christiansted hosts a street party, 6pm-10pm, featuring vendors on the street, offering food and drinks, arts, crafts, and late-night store shopping.  Live music is a big part of Jump Up, with steel drum bands and musicians on most every corner.  Fire dancers on the boardwalk and Mocko Jumbies dance through the streets throughout the evening. Usually hosted near holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, and in July. 
  • A Taste of St. Croix—every April, one of the destinations for this weeklong event is on the Frederiksted Pier
  • Carnival is the biggest event of the year starting in late December and ending the first weekend of the New Year. The event starts with the construction of Carnival Village, which is the traditional county fair. The last weekend hosts the largest parties with J'ouvert at the crack of dawn, followed the next day with the Food Fair. The first Friday is the Children's Parade and the blowout event is the Adult Parade with its full festival status.St. Patrick's Catholic Church (c.1840)
  • IronMan competition every spring—official website.
  • Customs House c(.1800)—at the parking lot in front of N2theBlue
  • Fort Frederik c.1756
  • Paul E. Joseph Stadium multi-use stadium hosted the first MLB exhibition game played in the Virgin Islands when the New York Yankees played the Boston Red Sox 1967
  • Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge One of the top beaches in the US Virgin Islands and location for the last scene from the movie Shawshank Redemption [33]
  • St. George Botanical Gardens







In Media


Tourism promotion video:


Renovation and Revitalization

Several companies have participated in drafting plans to refurbish and enhance the greater Frederiksted area. Costal Systems was retained by the Public Finance Authority to develop concepts for a waterfront park, beach, cruise pier, and other site improvements. Teams of land planners, engineers, and landscape architects met with local interest groups to develop conceptual plans for the redevelopment of the area. Environmental regulatory surveys and permits were managed by the Coastal Zone Management (CZM) Agency of the USVI. Phase I of the project was completed, which consisted of the reconstruction of the waterfront park while maintaining the historical facade representative of St. Croix's heritage. Natural stonework was used throughout the project site in accordance with the local architectural style, enhancing the authenticity of the arrival experience.

Phase II of the project, contemplated for the future, will involve the reconstruction of the community waterfront north of the fort and include the recreation of breakwaters, the reconstruction of Paul E. Joseph Stadium, and the restoration of the beach, restroom facilities, retaining pond, utilities, parking areas, and soccer fields.

Volunteers, Community, and Art

Volunteer-ism is a big part of Frederiksted. Clean Sweep Frederiksted[facebook] meets every Saturday morning to sweep, shovel, and pull weeds.[news] They also worked with the Artists Guild of St. Croix to install dozens of painted rum barrels as community trash bins. The Artists Guild of St. Croix has installed several murals, paintings, and sponsors scholarships.

Clubs and Organizations: Link



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